La Dolce Vita Gift Pack

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Enjoy this legendary pair! Chocolate shot glasses with our Late Harvest Aleatico. Give this duo as a gift or enjoy it for yourself!

This Aleatico comes from the rich soils of the Serres Ranch located in the heart of Sonoma Valley. Vineyard owner John Serres allows the grapes to be slightly shaded because he has learned that it brings out the floral character.

The grapes are carefully hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard to ensure clean, ripe fruit arrives at the winery early in the morning where we gently destem the clusters and transfer the whole berries to a temperature controlled tank for fermentation.

Fermentation starts naturally without the addition of yeast. After two weeks the wine is pressed gently off the skins and then fermentation continues for another 6 weeks until the wine finds its natural balance between alcohol and sugar. Once this is done it is transferred to neutral French oak barrels for 12 months of aging before bottling.