2021 Gilia's White Wine

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This wine is full-bodied with an array of tropical fruits with touches of apple and pear with a verve of nuttiness and creaminess throughout with a long rich finish.

These Bianchetta Trevigiana grapes were planted in a vineyard on the southern hills of Carneros in Southern Sonoma County. The site is windswept and has extreme influences from the Pacific Ocean and San Pablo Bay. This allows the grapes to ripen slowly, hanging on the vine for an extended period of time, enabling the grapes to develop a myriad of complex flavors.

Grapes were handpicked and whole-cluster-pressed, where the juice was gently squeezed from the clusters. It was then transferred to a stainless steel fermentation tank, where the wine was chilled and settled for two days. The wine was racked in neutral French barrels where it was allowed to spontaneously begin fermentation in a temperature-controlled room at 60F over the course of three weeks. It was then allowed to age in barrels for a further four months before being racked, filtered, and bottled.

Wine Type
White Wine
Bianchetta Trevigiana
Harvest Date
October 13
Residual Sugar

Tasting Notes & Pairings

This wine is 100% Bianchetta Trevigiana. It is full-bodied with an array of tropical fruits, touches of apple and pear, and verve of nuttiness and creaminess throughout with a long, rich finish. It pairs well with grilled fish or seafood, pasta with cream sauces, and prosciutto with melon.