2019 Rosato Di Primitivo

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This Rosato di Primitivo has vibrant strawberry and watermelon with hints of passionfruit, cream, and vanilla.

Harvested from Victoria Vineyards near Bridgehead Road in Contra Costa County, these grapes are specifically grown and harvested to make our Rosato. This vineyard is planted in deep sand close to the delta of the Sacramento River. The influence of the delta cools the air at night, while the reflected heat off the sand helps ripen the grapes, resulting in immense flavor and vibrancy.

Primitivo grapes were handpicked at the morning’s first light. They were immediately brought to the winery where they were gently destemmed and transferred directly to the press for minimal skin contact to produce the pale pink color. The juice was then moved to a stainless steel tank where the temperature was controlled to a cool 55 degrees to give a slow fermentation, preserving fresh fruit flavors, brilliant color, and bright acidity.

Wine Type
Contra Costa County
Harvest Date
August 23
Alcohol %

Tasting Notes & Pairings

This Rosato di Primitivo has bright aromas of strawberry, watermelon and citrus fruit. The palate has floral flavors with plenty of fruit notes packed in, and a rich yet refreshing mouthfeel with the bright acidity leaving a vibrant and lasting flavor.