2018 Primitivo

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The 2018 Primitivo exhibits classic aromas of strawberry, cherry, red berries, plums, mushrooms and earthiness.

Our 2018 Primitivo was sourced from Williams Vineyard in Contra Costa. An old vineyard, planted to heritage Primitivo from Italy, has very free draining, white sandy soils close to the delta where the breeze moderates temperature whilst the reflective heat from the sand helps ripen the Primitivo evenly. Pruned to the classic medusa head style, these grapes get dappled sunlight for plush tannins.

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The grapes are hand picked and gently destemmed before being transferred to our close topped fermenters. Here the fermentation begins naturally and the temperature peaks at about 85°F. Skin contact lasts 10 days to ensure maximum flavor is extracted and the rich, ripe tannins are perfect. The wine is pressed to barrels for aging. It receives an elegant balance of 30% of new American oak
for 15 months to enhance the juicy, sweet fruit flavors.

Wine Type
Red Wine
Harvest Date
August 24

Tasting Notes & Pairings

Our 2018 Primitivo exhibits classic aromas of strawberry, cherry and red berries, with notes of toasty oak, wild game, mushroom and allspice. The palate is full with fresh acidity and beautifully rich tannins that linger throughout a long opulent finish. Enjoy this wine with hearty Italian food.