Jacuzzi Aperitivo

Join us in the Piazza for the ultimate Italian Aperitivo!

We're celebrating this famed Italian tradition with passed appetizers, a spritz and bellini bar, and our newest Jacuzzi Dolcetto release!

Our 2019 Dolcetto marks a new endeavor for us here at Jacuzzi. Historically, we've made our Dolcetto in a rich, dark style, but in the spirit of keeping with Italian tradition, we wanted to make a wine that could be enjoyed early, our very own Italian style nouveau! Grapes were picked a little earlier to preserve freshness and liveliness in this wine, showcasing the raspberry and lilac notes. The result is an easy drinking and lighter style red, best enjoyed slightly chilled and in company of friends.

We are so excited to share our delicious new Dolcetto release with you!

Club Members - $30 (limit 2)
Guest Tickets - $40