The Origin of Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

The opening of the Jacuzzi Family Vineyards building in 2007 represented a lifelong dream for Fred Cline. It was his way of honoring his beloved grandfather, Valeriano Jacuzzi, on whose Oakley farm Fred learned as a teenager and young man how to tease grapes and produce from the soil. He also grew extremely close to his grandparents and their family. The history of the Jacuzzis and their trek at the turn of the century to America is the stuff of legend. Starting with nothing, not even a decent grasp of the language, the seven brothers who found their way to America used their woodworking and agricultural skills to develop groundbreaking inventions: a new, lighter propeller that helped American planes win WWI, and the irrigation pump that brought water to arid soil, and, when reversed, created the home spa revolution. The building that houses Jacuzzi Family Vineyards and The Olive Press is a tribute to the Jacuzzi family home in Casarsa, Italy. Come visit this special place and enjoy the Tuscan experience that is the gateway to Sonoma!