' Farming Practices

Farming Practices

In an effort to raise the bar on responsible farming practices, Jacuzzi Family Vineyards farms the “Green String” way; naturally and sustainably. We do not use pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers or herbicides rather we challenged conventions and created our own system to produce healthy vineyards.

“Compost tea,” consisting of molasses, fish emulsion, rock dust and microbes fertilize the vines. Eco-friendly sheep control weed growth.  Nourishment derived from alternate natural products, such as grape pumice, vine pruning, and other mature organic material, improves the texture and depth of the soil and provides sustenance to the vine. These practices produce structured and concentrated wines.

In efforts to further the nourishment of our vineyards, we developed a “cinder-cone” grinding operation using volcanic rock from our property.  Ground-up oyster shells are also used to provide calcium  to the soil.

We do not disc our vineyards, but instead, we employ a cover crop system, which consists of grains (i.e. barley, oats) and nitrogen-fixing plants (i.e. bell-beans) which produce carbon-containing organic matter and nitrogen to soften the soil bed. Crops are grazed down after bud breaks.


It is integral to the strength of the vines and the overall production that unwanted plants be controlled. Weeds will often compete with the vines for valuable water and can become entangled with the fruit, causing problems at harvest time. We employ sheep to "weed" our vineyards and pull any remaining weeds by hand.

Considering that the best offense is a good defense, we know that a healthy vineyard is more resistant to pests than a weak one. We do use beneficial insects, such as predator mites, to help remove unwanted pests.

Our vineyard managers are masters at detecting water stress in the vineyards. Soil moisture content is checked daily, thus determining when and how much water is applied to ensure that vines do not have to compete with the cover crop.

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